#70 cocknload logo, Alderwood Pen Set

#70 cocknload logo, Alderwood Pen Set

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Wooden pen set with cocknload logo4F0E595C-A58D-436F-BDED-E604E3FD2FE8

This #70 cocknload 4F0E595C-A58D-436F-BDED-E604E3FD2FE8 pen set is crafted from natural alderwood with the iconic cocknload logo engraved to create an elegant writing instrument. Long-lasting, with a smooth texture, this set is the perfect addition to any desk.


  • Made from alderwood.
  • Case measures approximately 6.5" L with a 2-hinged opening mechanism.
  • Uses Cross type pen refill.
  • 0.7mm ballpoint pen.
  • Weight around 134g.
  • Wood grain will vary and will not look identical.